Participant Testimonials

Oct 29 - Nov 03, 2017

I had a wonderfully productive stay at BIRS and at the Banff Centre. The last time I came to Banff for scientific reasons was 1999, and things have changed enormously since then. The Center is an incredibly pleasant place to be, the Vista dining room is fantastic, and the MacLab cafe a very welcome place to relax and mingle with other groups after a day's work. You are doing an amazing job. Congratulations! I would come to another conference or workshop at BIRS any time.

Eric D'Hoker Physics and Astronomy, UCLA

My recent visit to BIRS was a great help in my research. I learned things from the talks of course and met several people whose work I knew but whom I had never met personally including Stephen Kudla and Marie-France Vigneras. Most importantly, I had conversations with Martin Westorholt-Raum and with Thomas Creutzig that had a direct bearing on a problem I was struggling with in a current research project. My conversations with them led me to a new approach and made me familiar with parts of the literature that I would have had difficulty finding on my own. This is exactly the sort of thing one hopes might happen at an interdisciplinary meeting like this. Thank you so much for providing such a pleasant atmosphere for these productive interactions.

Jeff Harvey Physics, University of Chicago

This was a really nice workshop with lots of interesting talks by researchers across a broad range of topics. I learned a lot, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The spectacular setting makes any visit to the BIRS a special treat.

Katrin Wendland Professor Dr.
Mathematics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg