Participant Testimonials

Jul 09 - Jul 14, 2017

To me, the key success of this workshop was the ability to gather under one roof many like-minded researchers from around the world who have worked / been working closely with Prof. Peter Guttorp to share research ideas / insights / visions. Thanks to the excellent efforts by the workshop organizing committee and the generous funding from BIRS, there was excellent attendance from graduate students to established researchers. Without the funding from BIRS, this type of gathering from such like-minded people from around the world likely would have had a reduced attendance, and hence, reduced impact. The large attendance facilitated synergy of diverse research perspectives and individual-specific experience that successfully created new insights and research aspirations for many attendees. The 5 days in a world-class national park also facilitated rekindling and generation of professional and personal relationships.

Grace Chiu Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics, Australian National University

I found this workshop both useful and fun, and Banff is a great and inspiring place. Your workshops (I've been at three) have been particularly good for me because during them I've met people from rather different areas, and which I typically don't meet otherwise. In fact I've found your workshops so useful that I (together with Anthony Davison) is thinking about submitting a proposal for a workshop.

Holger Rootzen Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers Institute of Technology