Participant Testimonials

Aug 12 - Aug 17, 2018

I learned new things about pseudorandomness, discrepancy, communication complexity, hyperbolic polynomials, and discrete harmonic analysis, all of which I think will be helpful for my future research. As a graduate student, it was also helpful to hear about so many open problems. I also got the chance to speak to quite a few people I hadn't met, all of whom had a great deal to teach me. Several of these conversations led to new approaches to open problems, which will likely lead to future collaboration.

Cole Franks PhD Student
Mathematics, Rutgers University

My participation in the CMO-BIRS workshop "analytic techniques in theoretical computer science" has been very valuable. I got to meet colleagues who work in adjacent areas of research to mine, to learn about recent developments in the field, and to discuss open problems and research directions. In particular, the tutorials provided a great way to learn about recent breakthroughs.

Shachar Lovett Associate Professor
Computer Science, University of California, San Diego

This was an excellent workshop. The technical program was very strong, and provided an advanced overview of recent developments in the use of analytic methods in Computational Complexity and Algorithms.

Michael Saks Department of Mathematics-Hill Center, Rutgers University