Frontiers in Single-cell Technology, Applications and Data Analysis

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Indiana University School of Medicine
- 15:01
Understanding gene regulation using single cell RNA-seq data (Abstract ID: A6)
Watch video | Download video: 201902251418-Liu.mp4 (153M)
, University of Pennsylvania
- 16:17
Single Cell Transcriptomics: Denoising and Transfer Learning (Abstract ID: A13)
Watch video | Download video: 201902251532-Zhang.mp4 (180M)
, University of Calgary
- 16:55
Effectively comparing publicly available single cell datasets: a case study in glioblastoma multiforme (Abstract ID: A15)
Watch video | Download video: 201902251621-Gordon.mp4 (192M)
, University of Chicago
- 10:32
Fast and accurate alignment of single-cell RNA-seq samples using kernel density matching (Abstract ID: A8)
Watch video | Download video: 201902260932-Chen.mp4 (232M)
, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
- 14:26
Reconstructing gene regulatory dynamics along pseudotemporal trajectories using single-cell RNA-seq (Abstract ID: A11)
Watch video | Download video: 201902261332-Ji.mp4 (181M)
, University of Calgary
- 15:10
Impact of Misspecified Dependence on Clustering of RNA-seq Gene Expression Profiles (Abstract ID: A1)
Watch video | Download video: 201902261429-deLeon.mp4 (174M)
, Brown University
- 09:29
Penalized Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model in Single Cell RNA Sequencing (Abstract ID: A4)
Watch video | Download video: 201902270857-Wu.mp4 (127M)
, University of Michigan
- 10:31
iDEA: Integrative Differential Expression Analysis and Gene Set Enrichment Analysis in Single Cell RNAseq Studies (Abstract ID: A7)
Watch video | Download video: 201902270945-Zhou.mp4 (181M)
, University of California Los Angeles
- 12:01
A statistical simulator scDesign for rational scRNA-seq experimental design (Abstract ID: A9)
Watch video | Download video: 201902271100-Li.mp4 (253M)
, Hotchkiss Brain Institute
- 09:31
Single cell transcriptomics and fate mapping of ependymal cells reveals an absence of neural stem cell function (Abstract ID: A10)
Watch video | Download video: 201902280902-Stratton.mp4 (126M)