Participant Testimonials

Oct 27 - Nov 01, 2019

This workshop has been one of the most inspiring in many years. It has jump started several new collaborations and triggered some intriguing new research directions. I made more progress in my research during the workshop week than in the last few months. The environment at CMO is so welcoming and animating and yet peaceful at the same time. This is my favorite workshop setting! It also gave me a great opportunity to get to know future job candidates (and I hope some of the people I met will apply to our tenure track position). For my student it was a unique experience to meet world class mathematicians in his field. Complements to CMO and the workshop hotel for this animating, exciting environment!

Thomas Strohmer Professor
Department of Mathematics, University of California - Davis

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this fantastic workshop environment. Several people who attended our 2016 workshop told me that they were looking forward for the last three years to our 2019 workshop. And several new attendees told me that this was the best workshop they ever attended (I include myself here, but I may be biased as organizer). This is for sure also due to the excellent and very professional organization by CMO and BIRS.

Thomas Strohmer Department of Mathematics, University of California - Davis