Participant Testimonials

Aug 04 - Aug 09, 2019

This workshop helped me build momentum in an area that I had taken first steps into, giving me a good overview of the current "state of play" in the field and highlighting important questions. That overview will also flow through to my students. At the graduate student level, I learned that an important new result combined two areas that we had had reading groups in, so this will be a good topic to bring together what my graduate students have learned. At the undergraduate level, I offer undergraduate projects in (the very preliminaries of) this area; the overview I gained will help me in guiding these projects, with new directions in which I can suggest students take their project.

Andrew Brooke-Taylor University Academic Fellow
School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

This workshop was a great opportunity to reconnect with the main researchers in my field, learn what they are up to, and update them on my most recent research projects as well. Given that Set Theory is a highly international branch of Mathematics (with many active researchers throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania), there are very few occasions to meet with the main people in the field, all at once. This workshop provided us with one really outstanding such meeting.

David Fernández Bretón Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematics, Cinvestav

As one of the organizers I am very happy with the workshop. The lectures were very inspiring, presenting solutions to several longstanding problems, introducing new techniques with promissing further applications. The discussions between talks and in the problem sessions were engaging and fruitful. The workshop also offered the growing community of young mexican set-theorists a first-hand contact with international leaders in the field.

Michael Hrusak researcher in mathematics
Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

I found this workshop very useful and stimulating for my research. The workshop was masterfully organized, both in terms of number of talks, choice of topics, and quality of the lectures. It is certainly going to impact my research.

Ulises Ariet Ramos-García Assistant Professor
Centro de Cencias Matemáticas, UNAM

I got a rare opportunity to present my latest line of research to a very strong group of colleagues in an environment which nurtures productive discussion and collaboration. In addition, the schedule had many talks that I was itching to hear for several months, at the same time leaving ample time for private debates and soul-searching. The quiet and beautiful environment invites intellectual activity. Keep up the great work!

Jindrich Zapletal Mathematics, University of Florida