Participant Testimonials

May 26 - May 31, 2019

The workshop helped my current research significantly. In particular, I made a lot of progress with my collaborators during the workshop, and found some new research problems from various talks.

Dawei Chen Associate Professor
Mathematics, Boston College

Let me say what a wonderful experience my time in Oaxaca was. This was true for many reasons. First of all the organizers assembled a terrific group of mathematicians. As a senior mathematician myself I was particularly gratified to meet and listen to a large number of very strong and very young mathematicians entering the subject. I think the organizers made a special effort to have many young people speak, and they should be applauded for that. The young people are the future and it was good to see them encouraged. I also thought the talks were on the whole very good I spent much of my time that was not in talks, continuing my collaboration with a couple of young people there. We made substantial progress on our project and of course that gives me a great feeling. I also felt that there was the right mixture of lectures and free time to discuss mathematics. Last but not least, Hacienda Los Laurelos is a wonderful place to have a meeting. It is set up splendidly to host meetings, from the nice lecture room to the tables set up outside the rooms to the wonderful pool area. Moreover the staff of the hotel was extremely helpful and made one feel welcome. I have been a mathematician for 45 years and have gone to many conferences. This was one of the very best meetings ever for me. Please don't change a thing and thank you for helping to make this possible.

Howard Masur Mathematics, University of Chicago