Participant Testimonials

Sep 15 - Sep 20, 2019

The main goal of the meeting was to bring together researchers from different groups (dynamical systems, spectral theory, probability) who are working on closely related subjects (random dynamical systems, spectral theory of operators with random potentials) using different "languages". The meeting was a great success - it looks like several research projects were initiated as the result of the discussions, three problem sessions provided a long list of open problems for younger participants, graduate students had an opportunity to present their results to the experts (some of them also used this opportunity to arrange the recommendation letters for the future job search). Many people who knew about each other's papers were finally able to meet in person. In some cases people realized that the recently obtained results in one area (e.g. properties of non-stationary random matrix products, reported) could potentially lead to the way to attack a problem in another (in this case, localization results in the case of unbounded random potentials).

Anton Gorodetski Professor
Mathematics, University of California Irvine