Random Matrix Products and Anderson Localization

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of Washington
- 15:02
A short proof of Anderson localization for the 1-d Anderson model
Watch video | Download video: 201909161417-Zhu.mp4 (367M)
, University of Southern California
- 16:31
Random matrix products and random dynamical systems
Watch video | Download video: 201909161529-Baxendale.mp4 (453M)
, Texas State University
- 16:24
Sufficient criteria for the application of Fürstenberg's theorem with applications to the 1D continuum Bernoulli Anderson model
Watch video | Download video: 201909171530-Fillman.mp4 (391M)
, University of California Irvine
- 14:16
Phase transition of capacity for uniform \(G_{\delta}\) sets
Watch video | Download video: 201909191332-Quintino.mp4 (315M)
, Rice University
- 15:01
Cantor Spectrum for CMV and Jacobi Matrices with Coefficients arising from Generalized Skew-Shifts
Watch video | Download video: 201909191416-Jun.mp4 (373M)
, Queen Mary Universiy of London
- 16:40
Product of random matrices depending on a parameter revisited
Watch video | Download video: 201909191530-Goldsheid.mp4 (588M)