Participant Testimonials

Apr 28 - May 03, 2019

Thank you very much to you and all the BIRS team for allowing us to have this meeting. It was fantastic and very very useful to me. I learned some things that I’m sure will influence my research direction over the next few years. I was in particular grateful to learn so much more about the maximum dissipation methods and gradient dynamics approaches to thin film equations. To put this another way: at most conferences I normally attend only 75% of the talks and have plenty of time to deal with emails. In contrast, at BIRS I attended all except 1 talk and came home with a massive email backlog, because I was so engaged by the meeting and discussions with those attending. The organisers did a splendid job and the facility is fantastic. Thank you all!

Andrew Archer Professor of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University UK

It was a great gathering. I came into the workshop with some general ideas about a mathematical model for hydrogels. The lectures and discussions with other attendants have helped me a great deal to clarify some nebulous ideas and to initiate collaborations. It has been a very rewarding workshop for me - kudos to the organizers!

James J Feng University of British Columbia

I would like to add that the workshop was one of the better workshops/conferences I have attended in recent years and that the quality of the workshop, the quality of the people in the workshop, and the quality of the centre itself really exceeded my expectations.

Ofer Manor Chemical Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa

Great workshop with high scientific quality, focused and interdisciplinary! Great center and environment!

Olivier Pierre-Louis Research Director in CNRS
Institut Lumière Matière, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

My participation in the BIRS workshop has impacted my current research and also the field of thin film and gradient flow. Many talks are given by esteemed colleagues that are established experts in this field and when they presented their work over the years up to now, it is really amazing how much one can learn within such a short time. I did start to talk to a few participants during the workshop and hopefully these interactions might lead to further collaboration. This workshop made me see how young researchers have developed their careers.

Yuan-Nan Young Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Sciences, NJIT