Participant Testimonials

Aug 30 - Sep 04, 2020

It was quite useful for me as I got familiar with some recent results of my interest.

Shanta Laishram Associate Professor
Stat Math Unit, Indian Statistical Institute New Delhi

We were initially overwhelmed by the idea of running an online workshop, but the BIRS staff were really supportive and guided us through the process. The combination of using Zoom for the lectures and Zulip for the discussions worked unexpectedly well, and most talks generated good feedback and interactions. With The cancellation of many workshops and local seminar series, there are fewer opportunities for young mathematicians to shine, and so we made a choice to have as many talks by younger participants as possible. Whilst the online format lacked many of the informal exchanges that are integral to a face-to-face workshop, it has allowed us to welcome a much larger number of participants.  We are particularly pleased that many PhD students and postdocs were able to join the workshop, and also with the surprising geographical spread of the participants.

Samir Siksek Professor
Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

This workshop gave a nice overview of current progress in different areas of Diophantine geometry. It was well-organised and well-delivered, and the talks were varied and interesting.

Sam Streeter Mr.
Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath