XX International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Flows (Online)

Videos from CMO Workshop 21w5208

- 12:31
Flow past sphere simulations of wormlike micellar solutions
Watch video | Download video: 202106071206-Lopez-Aguilar.mp4 (29M)
, National Autonomous University of Mexico
- 12:57
Calculation of the structure factor in complex fluids
Watch video | Download video: 202106071234-Manero.mp4 (27M)
, Cardiff University
- 13:20
Large amplitude oscillatory shear flow simulation of complex fluids using micro-macro approach with transient network dynamics
Watch video | Download video: 202106071257-Phillips.mp4 (25M)
, University of Delaware
- 13:44
Computation of Transient networks of FENE dumbbells
Watch video | Download video: 202106071321-QuinteroF..mp4 (23M)
, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
- 14:19
Shear-banded flows and elastic instabilities of wormlike micellar solutions in microfluidic devices
Watch video | Download video: 202106071345-Varchanis.mp4 (40M)
, Sao Paulo State University
- 09:13
Computational simulations of viscoelastic droplet collisions
Watch video | Download video: 202106080844-Oishi.mp4 (45M)
, Université Laval
- 09:35
On the study of viscoelastic nanofiber formation through the centrifugal spinning method
Watch video | Download video: 202106080913-Noroozi.mp4 (26M)
, Purdue University
- 09:57
Numerical simulation of viscoelastic fluids through porous media: flow instability and particle transport
Watch video | Download video: 202106080936-Ardekani.mp4 (34M)
, Stanford
- 10:28
The effect of swirl on swimming in elastic liquids
Watch video | Download video: 202106081003-Shaqfeh.mp4 (42M)
, Eindhoven University of Technology
- 10:55
Computational Interfacial rheology
Watch video | Download video: 202106081029-Anderson.mp4 (32M)
, Eindhoven University of Technology
- 11:22
Drag on a spherical particle at the air-liquid interface: Interplay between compressibility, Marangoni flow and surface viscosities
Watch video | Download video: 202106081055-Jaensson.mp4 (30M)
, Universidade do Porto
- 12:08
LES models for wall-free turbulent flows of viscoelastic FENE-P fluids
Watch video | Download video: 202106081142-TavaresdePinho.mp4 (41M)
, Princeton University
- 12:32
Elastic turbulence in porous media
Watch video | Download video: 202106081208-Datta.mp4 (46M)
, McMaster University
- 12:56
Non-asymptotic elastoinertial turbulence for asymptotic drag reduction
Watch video | Download video: 202106081233-Xi.mp4 (30M)
, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
- 13:26
Hydrodynamic instabilities in flow displacement through irregular annular ducts
Watch video | Download video: 202106081300-Naccache.mp4 (32M)
, University of Minho
- 14:20
Fractional Distributed-Order Derivatives and Viscoelasticity: Theory and Numerical Methods
Watch video | Download video: 202106081352-Ferras.mp4 (31M)
, Univ. Grenoble Alpes & CNRS, LIPHy
- 09:09
Nonlocality in the transient rheology of non-Brownian suspensions
Watch video | Download video: 202106090841-Mari.mp4 (34M)
, Technische University Berlin
- 09:30
A numerical approach to the alignment tensor in flow of fiber suspensions
Watch video | Download video: 202106090909-Winters.mp4 (23M)
, Purdue University
- 10:03
Unifying disparate non-Newtonian regimes in suspensions: One model to unify them all
Watch video | Download video: 202106090938-More.mp4 (31M)
, University of California, Davis
- 10:50
JNNFM Complex Fluids Seminar - Quantifying fluid transitions for different strokes with applications to micro-organisms swimming in viscoelastic fluids
Watch video | Download video: 202106091006-Thomases.mp4 (55M)
, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
- 12:04
A numerical study of pressure-driven two-layer channel flow involving a fluid with time-dependent viscosity
Watch video | Download video: 202106091140-Sahu.mp4 (27M)
, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
- 12:59
Modeling and simulation of hydrogel interfacial dynamics
Watch video | Download video: 202106091234-Yue.mp4 (30M)
, Technical University of Munich
- 13:28
Rinsing simulations of milk concentrates in spiral-wound membrane modules using OpenFOAM
Watch video | Download video: 202106091300-Fischer.mp4 (35M)
, University of Strathclyde UK
- 13:46
Numerical simulations using the closed from Adaptive Length Scake (ALS-C) model
Watch video | Download video: 202106091329-Zografos.mp4 (19M)
, University of Oxford
- 14:22
Augmented Lagrangian preconditioners for anisothermal, implicitly-constituted flow
Watch video | Download video: 202106091350-Farrell.mp4 (38M)