Emerging Challenges for Statistics and Data Sciences: Complex Data with Missingness, Measurement Errors, and High Dimensionality

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Di Tella University
- 09:45
Towards deriving graphical rules for efficient estimation in causal graphical models
Watch video | Download video: 202205230900-Rotnitzky.mp4 (60M)
, Duke University
- 10:30
Are deep learning models superior for missing data imputation in surveys? Evidence from an empirical comparison
Watch video | Download video: 202205230945-Li.mp4 (65M)
, Iowa State University
- 11:45
An information projection approach to propensity score estimation for handling selection bias in voluntary samples
Watch video | Download video: 202205231100-Kim.mp4 (90M)
, Western University
- 12:30
Estimating human brain organisation by fusion across functional imaging datasets
Watch video | Download video: 202205231145-Diedrichsen.mp4 (59M)
, Université de Franche-Comté
- 14:45
Random-forest model-assisted estimation in finite population sampling
Watch video | Download video: 202205231400-Goga.mp4 (70M)
, University of Utah
- 16:45
Trials with Irregular and Informative Assessment Times: A Sensitivity Analysis Approach
Watch video | Download video: 202205231600-Scharfstein.mp4 (56M)
, Simon Fraser University
- 09:45
Statistical Issues on Large Administrative Health Data
Watch video | Download video: 202205240900-Hu.mp4 (58M)
, Texas A&M University
- 10:30
Matrix Completion with Model-free Weighting
Watch video | Download video: 202205240945-Wong.mp4 (62M)
, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- 11:45
Randomization Inference beyond the Sharp Null: Bounded Null Hypotheses and Quantiles of Individual Treatment Effects
Watch video | Download video: 202205241100-Li.mp4 (62M)
, McGill University
- 12:30
Penalized doubly robust regression-based estimation of adaptive treatment strategies
Watch video | Download video: 202205241145-Moodie.mp4 (59M)
, University of Michigan
- 14:45
Integrating summary information from many external studies with heterogeneous populations
Watch video | Download video: 202205241400-Han.mp4 (52M)
, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
- 15:30
Identifiability of direct and indirect effects in mediation studies with nonignorable missingness in mediator and outcome
Watch video | Download video: 202205241445-Yang.mp4 (49M)
, Osaka University
- 16:45
Semiparametric adaptive estimation under informative sampling
Watch video | Download video: 202205241600-Morikawa.mp4 (45M)
, NORC at the University of Chicago
- 17:30
Dual-frame estimation approaches for combining probability and nonprobability samples
Watch video | Download video: 202205241645-Breidt.mp4 (50M)
, Inria
- 10:30
Supervised learning with missing values
Watch video | Download video: 202205250945-Josse.mp4 (70M)
, University of Wisconsin-Madison
- 11:45
Statistical Exploitation of Unlabeled Data under High Dimensionality
Watch video | Download video: 202205251100-Zhao.mp4 (74M)
, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
- 12:30
Multiple model-assisted approach to missing data in survey sampling: more than multiply robustness
Watch video | Download video: 202205251145-Chen.mp4 (79M)
, University of Florence
- 09:45
Assessing causal effects in the presence of treatment switching through principal stratification
Watch video | Download video: 202205260900-Mattei.mp4 (64M)
, University of Massachusetts
- 10:30
Experimental Evaluation of Algorithm-Assisted Human Decision Making
Watch video | Download video: 202205260945-Jiang.mp4 (46M)
, Carnegie Mellon University
- 11:45
Nonparametric Estimation of Heterogeneous Effects
Watch video | Download video: 202205261100-Kennedy.mp4 (54M)
, Ohio State University
- 12:30
Measures of Selection Bias for Proportions Estimated from Non-Probability Samples, With Application to Polling Data
Watch video | Download video: 202205261145-Andridge.mp4 (53M)
, University of Waterloo
- 14:45
Dealing with Under-Coverage Problems for Non-probability Survey Samples
Watch video | Download video: 202205261400-Wu.mp4 (66M)
, Oregon State University
- 15:30
Graphical Models and Causality for Handling Corrupted Data
Watch video | Download video: 202205261445-Mohan.mp4 (47M)
, National University of Singapore
- 16:45
No star is good news: a unified look at rerandomization based on p-values from covariate balance tests
Watch video | Download video: 202205261600-Zhao.mp4 (40M)
, Peking university
- 17:30
A stableness of resistance model for nonresponse adjustment with callback data
Watch video | Download video: 202205261645-Miao.mp4 (63M)