Emergent Collective Behaviors: Integrating Simulation and Experiment

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of Washington
- 12:53
Modeling the dynamics of social interactions between plants and fungi within mycorrhizal fungal networks and emergent complex system properties and behavior
Watch video | Download video: 202205161223-Polyakov.mp4 (78M)
, Williams College
- 14:29
A topological view of collective behavior
Watch video | Download video: 202205171339-Topaz.mp4 (unknown)
, New York University
- 09:44
Zebrafish-robot interactions for hypothesis-driven experiments in behavioral neuroscience
Watch video | Download video: 202205190904-Porfiri.mp4 (67M)
, University of California - Riverside
- 10:24
Combined Modeling and Experimental Study of Principles of Fungal Metabolism, Growth and Bacterial Interactions
Watch video | Download video: 202205190944-Alber.mp4 (87M)