Mathematical Frameworks for Integrative Analysis of Emerging Biological Data Types (Cancelled) (22w5160)


(Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health)

Elana Fertig (Johns Hopkins University)

Kim-Anh LeCao (University of Melbourne)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "Mathematical Frameworks for Integrative Analysis of Emerging Biological Data Types" workshop in Banff from June 26 to July 01, 2022.

Accurate mathematical models of biological cells during health and disease are essential in understanding biology, advancing precision medicine and treating disease. Emerging technologies, such as RNA and DNA sequencing give clinical and basic research laboratories great power to quantify tens of thousands of biological molecules and generate highly detailed biological maps at different molecular, spatial and temporal resolutions. Integrating these diverse data may provide a comprehensive multi-layer view of a biological system that cannot be obtained by considering each dataset individually. However, currently biological insight is hindered by the inherent complexity of the data and paucity of methods to integrate these data. By gathering mathematical, statistical and computational experts in the field of genomic data integration, pioneer solutions for data integration problems will be discussed. This workshop will promote the development of cutting edge mathematical, statistical and computational methods to extract reliable information from big biological data. The anticipated deliverables are a set of open source resources for international scientists to use and reuse on their own data, to accelerate the pace and impact of discoveries in this exciting field of research.

Datasets will be available on github Contact us on slack

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