Participant Testimonials

May 01 - May 06, 2022

It was very interesting to see how many links there were between integral geometry on one side and metric geometry on the other side. Personally, I can say that I learned a lot and got many new ideas, questions and problems for future work. The feedback from the participants was very positive.

Andreas Bernig Goethe University Frankfurt

This BIRS workshop has been pretty much interesting for me: the very nice talks have helped me to know the current research status of various topics in integral and metric geometry, and to learn techniques and results which can be helpful for me. I would like to thank the great work that has been made both by the organizers and by the BIRS staff: the conference has been a success. I am pleased to have attended the workshop.

Maria A. Hernandez Cifre Department of Mathematics, University of Murcia

Thanks to BIRS and the organizers for an interesting workshop!

Alexander Koldobsky Mathematics, University of Missouri

This workshop gave me new insight into an ancient field. We may be coming close to answering one of the deepest questions in geometry: what is the filling volume of a sphere? So many beautiful new techniques were presented!

Christina Sormani Professor
Mathematics Department, City University of New York

For me, this was an excellent workshop. I did learn many new things and I hope that this will have positive consequences for future research of mine.

Elisabeth Werner Case Western Reserve University

The workshop was highly interesting, due to the inspiring talks that provided fresh insight on various topics in integral and metric geometry. Furthermore, I am sure that some of the Techniques and ideas shown there will be helpful in future research works. It is also fair to mention the great effort from both the organizers of the workshop and the BIRS staff for making this possible. Altogether, I am very glad to have attended this program.

Jesús Yepes Nicolás University of Murcia