Participant Testimonials

May 29 - Jun 03, 2022

My participation in the CMO-BIRS workshop impact my current research, providing some fresh inside and possibilities of new results. It is promising to have new research projects and a good change to have new collaborators as result of my participation on the workshop. Quite productive workshop. The workshop directly affects one of my postdocs. It will affect positively the continuation of support that I have to develop my research.

Daciberg Goncalves Senior Professor
Depatment of Mathematics, University of São Paulo

I am delighted to tell you that I followed almost the BIRS-CMO workshop program through Zoom. The organization is very successful and several presentations actually made a contribution to my research program. Me and my doctoral student Hamoun Said, who was in person thanks to his co-supervisor Pr. Lucile Vandembroucq. I would like to thank her and the other organizers, Daniel Cohen and Jesus Gonzalez. My thanks also go to everyone who helped make this event a success.

Youssef Rami Mathematics, Université Moulay Ismail

This is one of the most important workshops in the area of topological complexity, organized by leading active researchers in the area. The talks in the workshop indicate the recent and new trends in the development of the area. There have been some discussions with one of the organizers (Jesus Gonzalez at Cinvestav) on the closer collaborations in future. Nice talks given by junior researchers would influence the hiring decisions for recruitments.

Jie Wu Research Fellow
Pure Mathematics, Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematics and Applications