Emerging Mathematical Challenges in Synthetic Biological Network Design

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Texas A & M University
- 10:00
Model-guided engineering of robust dynamical biosystems with layered controls
Watch video | Download video: 202308260927-Hu.mp4 (79M)
, Caltech
- 10:30
"Reaction order analysis reveals global polyhedral constraints on the behavior of biomolecular reaction systems"
Watch video | Download video: 202308261003-John.mp4 (70M)
, Colorado State University
- 09:52
Fisher Information Based Analysis and Design of Single-Cell Experiments to Harvest Fluctuation Information while Rejecting Measurement Noise
Watch video | Download video: 202308270928-Munsky.mp4 (73M)
, Rice University
- 10:18
Engineering artificial phosphorylation signaling networks in human cells
Watch video | Download video: 202308270953-Bashor.mp4 (79M)
, University of Colorado Boulder
- 10:42
Verification Guided Design of Genetic Circuits
Watch video | Download video: 202308271018-Myers.mp4 (77M)
- 11:29
Engineering bacteria for mastering tic-tac-toe through accelerated adaptation
Watch video | Download video: 202308271101-Jaramillo.mp4 (47M)
, University of California at Santa Cruz
- 11:40
Challenges and advances in control of complex biological systems interfaced with bioelectronics
Watch video | Download video: 202308271115-Gomez.mp4 (38M)
, University of Waterloo
- 11:54
Dynamic modelling of mixed microbial populations: tools for model validation
Watch video | Download video: 202308271129-Ingalls.mp4 (44M)
, University of Bristol
- 12:52
Control- and model-guided gene circuit design and prototyping
Watch video | Download video: 202308271223-Marucci.mp4 (52M)