The Mathematics of Microbial Evolution

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University of New Mexico
- 15:42
Estimating the rate of mutation to mutator phenotype in spatially-structured microbial populations
Watch video | Download video: 202301101502-Gerrish.mp4 (144M)
- 09:34
Plasmid dynamics in polymicrobial communities
Watch video | Download video: 202301110902-PenaMiller.mp4 (101M)
, ETH Zurich
- 10:33
Plasmids, polyploidy and positive frequency-dependence: why are some bacterial genes on the chromosome and others on plasmids?
Watch video | Download video: 202301111006-Lehtinen.mp4 (101M)
- 16:39
Why do bacteria have a highly diverse anti-viral arsenal?
Watch video | Download video: 202301121602-Bernheim.mp4 (132M)