Participant Testimonials

Mar 05 - Mar 10, 2023

The workshop was very stimulating and extremely beneficial to my research. I heard about several results I didn't know about, and I left the workshop with many directions I plan to pursue in the future.

Jorge Garza-Vargas Mathematics, Berkeley

I believe the workshop will have a tremendous impact on my career and my research field. The workshop had researchers from the TCS community (Theoretical Computer Science) and NLA community (Numerical Linear Algebra) meet. In the last decade, the line between NLA and TCS has become less clear. The field were as far apart as one cold think back in 2010, and nowadays, it is not uncommon to see NLA and TCS people publish on the same topics. This meeting was the first time for me to meet TCS researchers. As far as I am concerned, one of my longstanding open problem has been solved in this meeting. (Really four open problems, but one tool from TCS solve all four.) And we have ideas to solve more. (This will require more work.) Also, I have learned to understand better TCS goal, TCS tools, TCS practices, etc. As far as new contacts, this workshop was a wonderful opportunity indeed to make new contacts. The atmosphere was conductive to innovation and creativity. I also want to thank the organizers. They did a very good job invited top notch researchers, having good representation from various fields, having a mix of tutorials, open question sessions, short research presentation, etc.

Julien Langou Professor
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Colorado Denver

I had a fantastic meeting from all viewpoints. The format was very conducive to productive exchanges. I was impressed by the quality of the facilites. Even the remote presentations felt like they were delivered live. I am sure this required a lot of fine tuning over the years but the result if really great. I learned a lot from this meeting and had exchanges which will certainly impact the course of one of my research projects.

Yousef Saad professor
computer science and engineering, U Minnesota

I fully endorse the special thanks to the organizers of this quite unique meeting. The two communities that it has brought together have very different perspectives and approaches to problems that are mathematically formulated in a similar way. It is therefore crucial that they meet together to build up better understanding of the differences as well as overlaps in order to avoid misunderstandings and to learn from each other. Many thanks to BIRS for making this possible. The organization was indeed superb, with, tutorials and lectures, discussion groups and open questions sessions.

Zdenek Strakos Facuty of Mathematics and Physics, Department od Numerical Mathematics, Charles University, Prague