Densest Packings of Spheres (05w5022)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Saturday, May 14 and departing Thursday May 19, 2005


(University of Calgary)

(Microsoft Research New England)

(University of Texas, Austin)


There are two related objectives of the proposed workshop. The first is to bring together those researchers currently working on the four related topics of the proposal, researchers who do not usually participate in common conferences. The related objective is to bring fresh insight on a number of outstanding open problems because of this confluence of research topics, for instance those open problems mentioned in the proposal. Perhaps at an even deeper level, we note that a common element in much of the research topics of the proposal is the symmetry of the optimal packings. These symmetries have been appearing in unexpected ways and we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the role of symmetry in these geometric optimization problems.

Some important recent work is being done by young researchers, and we plan to involve the next generation of researchers significantly in this workshop, including both postdocs and PhD students.