Probabilistic Combinatorics: Recent Progress and New Frontiers (05w5054)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Saturday, October 29 and departing Thursday November 3, 2005


(Tel Aviv University)

(McGill University)

(ETH, Zurich)

Van Vu (Yale University)


The workshop will focus on all the main research topics of Probabilistic Combinatorics, including the application of probability to solve combinatorial problems, the study of random combinatorial objects and the investigation of randomized algorithms. One aim of the workshop is simply to foster interaction between researchers in these fields, discuss recent progress and communicate new results and ideas. We also intend to use this forum to make the main state-of-the-art probabilistic techniques available to a broader audience, including graduate students. Given the fast recent development of probabilistic techniques and their applications to various mathematical disciplines, it seems an appropriate time to bring together researchers representing the whole spectrum of Probabilistic Combinatorics, so as to consolidate our knowledge at present and set new horizons for future discoveries.