The Xi-transform (07frg138)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, March 25 and departing Sunday April 1, 2007


(Cambridge University)

(University of Pittsburgh)


Objectives of the FRG.

1. One focus will be on the understanding of the implications of
higher dimensions for the unification of quantum mechanics and
non-commutative geometry. Non-commutative string theory along the
lines of the work of Alain Connes and William Ugalde is expected to
play an important role; a unifying language will be sought
in the (coherent) topos theory of William Lawvere and Myles Tierney.

2. A second focus will be on the construction and further development
of specific examples of the Xi-transform.

3. A third focus will try to comprehend the relation of dynamical
theories to the structures, such as the fermionic fluids of Shou-Cheng
Zhang and Jiangping Hu, that arise in
the context where there is no preferred time, where the dynamics
occurs on the boundary.

4. A fourth focus will be to try to understand the relation between
the holomorphic quantum twistor theories of Witten, Mason and others
and the hyperbolic non-analytic theory of Sparling. Here the theory
of hypersurface twistors of Penrose, Sparling and Le Brun seems to
provide the needed link.


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