Recent Advances in Mathematical Relativity (07rit136)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, August 5 and departing Sunday August 12, 2007


Piotr Chrusciel (University of Vienna)

(University of Miami)

(University of Washington)


This "Research in Teams" at BIRS will bring together three researchers whose expertese covers a large portion of the forefront of mathematical relativity. The aim will be for us to use the time together at BIRS to write a major, high level survey of the field for publication in the "Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society". (This article was requested by the editors of BAMS.) We aim to write
a survey which presents both the most central outstanding problems in the subject, the recent mathematical advances of the field, and which points to areas of likely activity in the future.

The three authors work in institutions which are thousands of miles apart. The ideal environment that BIRS would provide for this collaboration would be extremely valuable to us, and would be of a great aid in our effort to carry out this service to the community.