Special Structures in Riemannian Geometry (08w5039)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, February 17 and departing Friday February 22, 2008


Gordon Craig (McMaster University/ Bishop's University)

(University of Waterloo)

Naichung Conan Leung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

(McMaster University)

Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)


We expect that the environment of the Banff International Research Station will be highly conducive to the fostering of new research collaborations. It would be especially fruitful to bring together mathematicians studying special metrics and their special submanifolds with those working in the area of gauge theory, to promote cross-fertilization of their different techniques and approaches. Specifically we expect that many analytic techniques which have been useful in each individual area should prove to be applicable to the other area as well. These research groups have not worked together enough, and through this workshop we plan to encourage more interaction.

Additionally, most of these special geometric structures play a central role in general relativity and superstring theories. The participation in this workshop of some physicists who work in these areas would additionally be beneficial to all those involved. Theoretical physics has proven time and again to dictate many of the directions of research in differential geometry and global analysis.

We intend to schedule predetermined lectures during the morning sessions, summarizing the states of the areas: special metrics; special submanifolds; gauge theories; and applications to physics. These overviews will be aimed at all the participants, and their primary purpose will be to encourage informal discussion sessions during the workshop, specifically to bring together participants working in the different areas covered by our proposal. The afternoon sessions of the workshop will include a mixture of these informal discussions, together with some specialized research talks. It is very important to us that the event be organized as it is intended to be, a workshop, and not merely a conference. We want the participants to work while they are at BIRS. We hope that all the participants will find the workshop to be an extremely worthwhile experience for them.