Interdisciplinary Workshop on Fixed-Point Algorithms for Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering (09w5006)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, November 1 and departing Friday November 6, 2009


(University of British Columbia)

(University of South Australia)

(North Carolina State University)

(Cornell University)

Russell Luke (University of Delaware)

(University of Waterloo)


Our objective is to bring together researchers
with a strong interest in projection and other first-order fixed-point algorithms, both from mathematics and from the applied sciences, in order to survey the state-of-the-art of theory and practice, to identify emerging problems driven by applications, and to discuss new approaches for solving these problems.

The proposed workshop is timely and unique. Monographs and conference proceedings on projection methods and their applications have been published very recently, see the list of references below. The proposed group of world-class participants has not met before and is very unlikely to meet at ordinary optimization conferences. We expect this workshop to be the base for new innovative research and collaborations by mixing experts whose areas of applications are broad, ranging from variational analysis, numerical linear algebra, biotechnology, materials science, computational solid-state physics and chemistry.

Fueled by this workshop, we expect research contributions on newly emerging links between first-order fixed-point algorithms
and applications.

Topics of the proposed workshop include:

* Theory of fixed-point algorithms:
convex analysis, convex optimization, subdifferential calculus, nonsmooth analysis,
proximal point methods, projection methods,
resolvent and related fixed-point theoretic methods, and monotone operator theory.

* Numerical analysis of fixed-point algorithms:
choice of step lengths, of weights, of blocks for block-iterative and parallel methods, and of relaxation parameters; regularization of
ill-posed problems; numerical comparison of various methods.

* Areas of Applications:
engineering (image and signal reconstruction and decompression problems), computer tomography and radiation treatment planning (convex feasibility problems), astronomy (adaptive optics), crystallography (molecular structure reconstruction), computational chemistry (molecular structure simulation) and other areas.

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