Participant Testimonials

Apr 30 - May 02, 2010

The workshop gave a good overview of the state of the art on several topics in number theory. I do not work directly with L-functions, the main topic of this workshop, but the talks were nonetheless helpful since these topics have an impact on my research. Another reason why this workshop was helpful is that I'm currently applying for a job in Europe which involves research in this area.

Felix Fontein Department of Mathematics & Statistics, PIMS / University of Calgary

The workshop was excellent, with a number of front line expositions. It was good that a large proportion of those attending were students, with a considerable resulting stimulus to research.

Richard Guy Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary

During this conference, I gave a talk on my current research. Several members in the audience are experts on this topic and gave me useful feedback and fresh inputs, some of which have helped me to improve my results.

Dr. Kaneenika Sinha Department of Mathematics, PIMS / University of Alberta