Participant Testimonials

Oct 31 - Nov 05, 2010

The BIRS conference on "Integrable and stochastic Laplacian growth in modern mathematical physics" had many impressive talks. My personal interests are in the connections of the Laplacian growth to normal random matrices, and at the talks and discussions during the conference I got new essential information about the normal random matrices. This stimulated my new research project, in which I'd like to develop the Riemann-Hilbert approach to normal random matrices with general polynomial interaction. On a different note, my talk on "Topological expansion in the cubic random matrix model" generated a lively discussion immediately after the talk and later, and this discussion was very interesting and important to me. Finally, there were many good review talks which enhanced my mathematical education.

Pavel Bleher Chacellor's Professor
Mathematical Sciences, Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis

I am a graduate student in my graduating year. I have attended many conferences, and my experience at BIRS was the best, partly because of the participants and organizers, but also because of the accommodation and location of BIRS. The dorm room, facilities, food, service, and other accommodation were excellent. The common area supplied with markers and boards and coffee/tea made for a social environment leading to extensive discussions and lively interactions. I had multiple discussions that sparked new research directions. I was able to meet a postdoc at one of the places I have applied. We had many useful discussions. My interactions influenced some of my other decisions for my job applications as well.

Erik Lundberg Mathematics, University of South Florida

The workshop greatly impacted my research. I am writing a paper on the subject I talked and discussed with participants. I got a new proof of a theorem after the workshop. It is indeed my great pleasure that I could contact with young researchers.

Makoto Sakai professor emeritus
Mathematics, Tokyo Metropolitan University

It was the best workshop I have participated in. The subject is extremely interesting and participants looked at it from different angles. I met people I knew previously by their publications only and also met young researchers I have never heard of but who already obtained some interesting results in the area. Hopefully the workshop will lead to new collaborations and joint papers as a result. I am very grateful to BIRS and the organizers for the opportunity to learn about new interesting directions related to the study of Laplacian Growth.

Tatiana Savin Dr.
Mathematics, Ohio University