Participant Testimonials

Dec 05 - Dec 10, 2010

The workshop will have an impact on my research in the field of math teacher education and my work with teachers. The discussions inspired my thinking in terms of how I can expand the work I do. It was a very productive workshop.

Olive Chapman Faculty of Education, University of Calgary

...Indeed: I greatly profited from the workshop. Thanks very much to the staff at BIRS for its great job.

Juerg Kramer Professor
Mathematics, HU Berlin

This was one of the most productive meetings I have attended. The setting was inspiring.

Peter Liljedahl Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

I think the workshop was very useful for (a) getting a sense of the "lay of the land" with regard to international efforts at professional development, and (b) thinking about ways to develop the theoretical underpinnings for such work. I will be thinking more sharply about the second issue, and writing about it.

Alan H. Schoenfeld Professor
Education, EMST, University of California, Berkeley