Participant Testimonials

Mar 28 - Apr 02, 2010

The workshop ran very smoothly, the environment was excellent, and there was plenty of time for discussions, all of which I valued highly. I was able to interact with colleagues who I rarely get to see. I came home bursting with new ideas (and not enough time to explore them!), and a better feel for how my work fits into a different field (discrete geometry) than that which I am used to (mathematical modelling).

Simon Cox Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Aberystwyth University

I got a lot out of it! It was rewarding to see even distinguished old-school mathematicians (in particular Vitali Milman) derive pleasure from my disk-packing puzzle. Thanks for providing this service to physicists as well as mathematicians.

Veit Elser Physics Department, Cornell University

It was a very interesting workshop in convex geometry and related topics. I renewed many old contacts with important people, and the workshop renewed my attention to some important work that had been on the back burner. I should write the related paper sooner rather than later. Logistics and especially hospitality were both far above average. The whole place is run by exceptionally nice people.

Greg Kuperberg Professor
Mathematics, University of California,Davis

It was extremely interesting and useful for me to participate in this workshop, especially taking into account the fact that I'm a PhD student and it was my first workshop abroad Russia. Of course, the information which I've heard there will have a great influence on my research. I thank very much the organisers of the workshop as well as all participants for the interesting talks and discussions.

Dmitriy Slutskiy Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

... the workshop on "Volume Inequalities" - my third time at BIRS - was very interesting and useful for me. As always, the BIRS staff did a wonderful job of hosting us ...

John Sullivan Mathematics, TU Berlin

It was really an unforgettable week. I met so many well-known mathematicians there, and the discussion with them was really helpful to my research work.

Long Yu Mathematics, University of Alberta