Alberta Number Theory Days (11w2169)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Friday, June 17 and departing Sunday June 19, 2011


(University of Lethbridge)

(University of Lethbridge)


Alberta number theorists are working in a wide range of subdisciplines, including algebraic number theory (Weiss), analytic number theory (Kadiri, Ng), arithmetic geometry (Greenberg), automorphic forms (Cunningham, Sylvestre), computational number theory (Bauer, Jacobson, Scheidler, Williams). The work of these strong researchers has been recognized not only in this province, but globally as well. The fact that there are so many world class researchers within the same province elevates Alberta Number Theory Days to a level beyond merely a provincial meeting.

Each spring for the last three years, the Alberta Number Theory Day(s) has been held and has proven to be a great success. Last spring, it grew from a one day event to a weekend session and was held at BIRS.

We would like to hold the fourth Alberta Number Theory Days at BIRS to continue this fine tradition.

Not only are there a number of researchers in number theory in Alberta, but many of these number theorists share common areas of research. For example, the study of $L$-functions, one of the main themes of modern number theory, is shared by Lethbridge (Kadiri, Ng) and Calgary (Cunningham, Greenberg) researchers. The prevalence of mutual interests will give the workshop a high degree of coherence. At the same time, the range of subdisciplines included will let researchers encounter new ideas that may be beneficial to their work.

Alberta Number Theory Days allows for face to face discussion of ideas between peers and facilitates collaboration. New connections are made and old associations are renewed. Personal interaction will lead to the conception of new projects. It will also allow for the exchange of knowledge, which will improve the progress of current projects.

One of our aims this year is to actively include a number of early career researchers and postdoctoral fellows in our speaker list. We will also ensure many of the talks are graduate student friendly. It is extremely important to foster the growth of young mathematicians. This conference will allow experienced number theorists to pass on their knowledge and skills in their craft to a younger generation.