Participant Testimonials

Jun 17 - Jun 19, 2011

The Alberta Number Theory Workshop was indeed a success. There were several stimulating talks, and the large proportion of graduate students (and I believe one undergraduate!) benefited from being exposed to several interesting avenues of advancement.

Richard Guy Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary

The Alberta Number Theory Days conference is a great opportunity for us, number theorists in Alberta, to maintain a tight scientific bond among us. The workshop was very good in both the scientific and human aspect: - the quality of talks was very good, with new and interesting results. It was an opportunity to discover the research of people who recently moved in Alberta, such as postdocs. Also the senior professors gave very good lectures that were accessible to the younger attendance, such as graduate students. I am sure that they got a lot from these talks. - the facilities at BIRS are very good and the size of the conference is perfect to allow interaction with other researchers, even outside my area of expertise. This may not have happened in another type of workshop. I personnaly got to learn about new results and get feedback about my work, which gives me new perspectives for my work.

Habiba Kadiri Assistant proffessor
Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Lethbridge

The scientific program for the workshop was excellent and varied greatly, even within the field of number theory. Although the program won't impact my current research, the workshop did give me several ideas for future projects and allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with my peers on ongoing projects.

Matthew Musson Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Although the topics itself was above the level of my studies I think the whole conference was interesting for me because some of the subjects may be related to my future area of researching. So that is my pleasure to attend such a conference and I hope I will have the opportunity to attend such a conference in the future!

Majid Shahabi University of Lethbridge

I enjoyed the workshop very much. The following comments are symptomatic: * Many new and interesting aspects of number theory have been presented. * Two collaborators of mine were attending the workshop and were giving talks. * I obtained new ideas and started new projects with the collaborators. * The friendly atmosphere of the workshop was very important for creativity. * I obtained several new ideas for research topics of my Ph.D. students in Germany.

Andreas Stein Prof. Dr.
Mathematics, Carl von Ossietzky Universitat Oldenburg