WIN2: Women in Numbers 2 (11w5075)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, November 6 and departing Friday November 11, 2011


(Concordia University)

(Université de Montrèal)

(University of Hawaii at Manoa)


The workshop is designed to facilitate the growth of the female number theory community by bringing together researchers at various stages of their careers (from graduate students to senior mathematicians) in order to create a fertile ground for research collaboration and mentorship. The specific goals are: to highlight research activities of women in number theory; to increase the participation of women in research activities in number theory; to train female graduate students in number theory and related fields; to strengthen the research network of potential collaborators in number theory and related fields started by the WIN 2008 conference; to enable female faculty at small colleges to participate actively with research activities including the training of graduate students; and to provide information on women in number theory with an inclusive approach.

Rather than focusing on disseminating the results of established researchers, the workshop will focus on research projects that will be started during the week of the workshop and have the potential to result in on-going collaboration between the participants.

Prior to the workshop, each participant will be assigned to a working group according to her research interests, and each group will have one or two leaders who will suggest research projects and provide background reading for their groups. At the conference, there will be background lectures for each project, and a good portion of the time will be alloted for the working groups to meet and work on their project.

At the end of the week, some members of each research group will describe their group's progress as well as future directions for their work. This is the same format that was used with great success during the first WIN workshop held at BIRS in November 2008.

The total number of participants is expected to be 35-50. We hope to have as many participants as the BIRS facility can hold. We have funding available to support the travel expenses of graduate students and junior researchers without access to research grants.