Participant Testimonials

Dec 04 - Dec 09, 2011

Actually, I've been to BIRS twice. The first was in March 2010. There was a little hike up Tunnel Mountain with Philip Candelas that led after dinner to some scribbling on napkins. A year and a half later, I was there again for the Hodge theory and string duality workshop, and during that week the finished paper went on the arXiv. A lot of work took place in between, of course - but it was nice to have both bookends firmly rooted in the Canadian Rockies.

Ron Donagi Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for your good support. Although the outside temperature was low for me, I felt warm. I enjoyed the lectures of course. I also enjoyed the talks and discussions in the restaurant and in the residence. They were stimulating. Thank you very much again. Please give my best regards to all your staff.

Sampei Usui Mathematics, Osaka University