Participant Testimonials

Jul 24 - Jul 29, 2011

My participation in the BIRS workshop had a positive impact on my work, primarily because of the comments I received from colleagues after presenting a recent result. This lead to a discussion of a physical phenomenon directly connected with my mathematical result that I had previously been unaware of.

Margaret Beck Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University

Thanks a lot for running such a terrific program. It helped a lot in strengthening the communication between analytical and experimental studies of pattern formations, and sharing the new developments in this field. I personally like it very much because I was able to meet many authors of the references I cited, it was great to talk to them and have some discussions. Besides, the stay in BIRS was very nice, and the manager was very helpful and hospitable, I had a wonderful time at the workshop. Thank you very much.

Wan Chen Oxord University

I very much enjoyed this BIRS workshop, which was particularly interesting, not only because of the mixture theory, modeling, and experiments. On short time, I could advance on my current work (theoretical), but could learn a lot from the talks on modeling and experiments. Meeting people from so different areas, and having the possibility to discuss with them was a great experience. Moreover, the environment at BIRS contributed a lot in the success of this workshop. It is a great place and thank you to you all for making this possible!

Mariana Haragus Professor
Departement de Mathematiques, Universite de Franche-Comte

Several of the talks were very inspiring. Scott McCalla (one of my former students) and I were fascinated by Kondo's talk on pattern formation in zebra fish and plan to work on a mathematical explanation of his findings using agent-based models. Furthermore, I started another collaboration with Arnd Scheel. I learned more about various areas, such as matched asymptotic expansions, than I had hoped for. The talks also helped me to prioritize some of my projects. Overall, it was a very helpful and inspiring experience.

Bjorn Sandstede Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University