Participant Testimonials

Nov 27 - Dec 02, 2011

The opportunity to gather together a few dozen researchers is priceless. I am employed at a university with no other researcher in my area and so these opportunities to collaborate with and learn from my colleagues is immensely important.

Glencora Borradaile Assistant Professor
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University

On behalf of my co-organizers, I would like to thank you and the staff at BIRS for all the great work you (and they) did before and during the workshop. Based on our own experience and the feedbacks we have received from the participants it was a great workshop and everything went very smoothly. People liked the venue, the rooms were excellent, the food was very good, and the staff (in particular Brenda) made sure everything was going well. I am not sure we could have had asked for anything more. I The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for many participants to do research collaboration and many of my colleagues liked this workshop so much that they have suggested we should do this again. And that's what we plan to do in a few years; hopefully this time we can organize it in a warmer time of year :-) Once again, we thank you, Wynne, and other BIRS staff for giving us this opportunity.

Mohammad R. Salavatipour Computing Science, University of Alberta

This workshop was outstanding. It fused ideas from complexity theory lower bounds, and algorithmic upper bounds very nicely. Top attendees and a couple real surprises (some significant and surprising new results, ef Chuzhoy and Moscovitz's lectures). I cannot think offhand how this could have been done better.

Bruce Shepherd Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University