Participant Testimonials

Oct 09 - Oct 14, 2011

I have started a new collaboration in my research area as a result of my trip to BIRS. This collaboration happened with a question posed during my lecture. It was really gratifying to be exposed to the best research in my field! There was such a feel of creativity motivated by the excellent research talks as well as by top of the line artistic performances. I enjoyed watching native Canadian dances and a wonderful music performance.

Victor de La Pena Professor of Statistics
Statistics, Columbia University

As an organizer, I didn't give a talk and so was free to concentrate on listening to others'. One talk gave me useful input on revising a book in a related field for a second edition as I'm currently doing. Other input came from conversations at meals. I met some young people for the first time and got reacquainted with others I had not seen very often. I am happy in my job and not concerned with job prospects, and currently do not have postdocs or Ph. D. students. Our hiring season will be next spring and summer, so I don't know yet whether there will be an impact. Certainly some young people gave talks that impressed me very well. I think the workshop had a very positive impact on the area (high dimensional probability) by indicating which sub-areas are currently making good progress and which others may not be.

Richard M. Dudley Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I work on applications of Fourier transform to different areas of mathematics. At this workshop I was looking for problems in probability that are related to Fourier analysis. I found several such problems, where I may be able to contribute.

Alexander Koldobsky Mathematics, University of Missouri

The meeting on high dimensional probability was very attractive. It featured a broad program that included papers on random matrix theory, empirical processes, small deviation probabilities, and a number of other areas that involve interesting directions in probability. When I leave a conference as good as this one I have lots of new energy and ideas. Of course, many of those ideas do not develop immediately, but they certainly provide a template for future investigations.

James Kuelbs Professor-Emeritus
Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The quality of talks was very high and I learned many useful things, as well as got useful information about other colleagues' works not presented in the talks. There was also a very meaningful feedback on my own talk. I appreciated that very much. Some new interesting young people whom I would not meet otherwise were present there. There was also an occasion to push forward some ongoing projects that we had started (with other participants) before the conference.

Mikhail Lifshits Professor
Mathematics and Mechanics, St-Petersburg State University

The workshop was fantastic. I met a lot of people , whom I wouldn't have encountered elsewhere. I have work for two years !!! Great ;-)

Patricia Reynaud-Bouret Laboratoire Jean-Alexandre Dieudonne, CNRS - Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis