Participant Testimonials

Jun 05 - Jun 10, 2011

This is a wonderful workshop. I met several old friends and made some new friends too. Also, it is very high standard scientifically. I presented our recent work and learned many new stuff and the state-of-the-art in the field. I am benefited significantly from attending this workshop.

Weizhu Bao Professor
Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore

I'm very happy with my participation at the workshop: KAM theory and Geometric Integration. The organisation and the talks were very good and I learned a lot: problems, results, people. I also had time to work with one of my collaborator.

David Cohen University of Basel

It was a great week at BIRS, and quite an unusual set of people to convene. It was a combination of mathematicians in Hamiltonian dynamical systems and KAM theory, meeting the community concerned with the numerical analysis of Hamiltonian systems with many degrees of freedom (such as the n-body problem). We had several of the big names in symplectic integration techniques, both those who have worked out the theory (such as Ernst Hairer - Geneva) and those who us it in their large scale numerical simulations (such as Carles Simo - Barcelona). We also had several of the most active people in dynamical systems, KAM theory and Arnold diffusion (Rafael de la Llave - University of texas - Austin), Nekhoroshev stability (Dario Bambusi - Milano), and Birkhoff normal forms (Thomas Kappeler - Zurich). I myself learned many things about numerical stability of simulations of the N-body problem. In addition I had an intense time of collaboration with Philippe Guyenne (University of Delaware) having to do with Hamiltonian PDEs, the modulational approximation in the presence of resonances, and the description of a particular physical phenomenon of a `rip' wave train which accompanies and is the signature of a large internal ocean wave. Thanks again for the stimulating environment.

Walter Craig Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University

Our workshop was a success in part thank to the organisation of the BIRS. The two communities, theoretical and numerical, have benefited of this unusual mix. This workshop allows me to contact some researcher I never met before.

Benoit Grebert Laboratoire de Mathematiques Jean Leray, Universite de Nantes, France

This workshop was the first that brought together people working on theoretical aspects of KAM theory and numerical analysts interested in geometric integration. I belong to the second group, but I profited a lot from the talks and from discussions with people from the other group. Some ideas and techniques are closer than I thought before the workshop. In my opinion, the workshop was really a great success.

Ernst Hairer Mathematics, University of Geneva

I have enjoyed the workshop immensely and I profited a lot from the discussions with colleagues as well as their feedback to my talk. In addition, the workshop gave me the opportunity to meet for the first time people I always wanted to get to know in person.

Thomas Kappeler Mathematics, University of Zurich

This workshop was a very interesting mixture of two different communities, from KAM and geometric numerical integration. I was very happy of that. Every speaker made a real effort to speak to the whole assistance. As a result, the ambiance was very relaxed and offered a lot of opportunities to discussions.

Florian Mehats Professor
IRMAR, Universite Rennes

I appreciated very much that specialists from different communities (dynamical systems and numerical analysis) were at the workshop. This created a very inspiring atmosphere, and I got new ideas to treat an old problem.

Alexander Ostermann Department of Mathematics, University of Innsbruck

It has been one of the better experience I ever had on workshops, especially for the scheduled plan, which included only 4/5 long talks a day, starting not too late in the morning (8:30 a.m.) and leaving the after lunch time for discussions or personal businesses. About the scientific point of view: I had the opportunity to discuss with some young researchers about some topics on PDE I'm interested in, but with respect to which my knowledge is quite poor. These connections are expected to be useful in the next future for possible visits and even collaborations. Furthermore, I took the chance to start thinking about a new result on my favorite topic. The level of most of the talks have been pretty high, in spite of the differences among the communities. The experiment of mixing people working on numerics and on more abstract topics have been however successful, I think.

Tiziano Penati Dr.
Mathematics , University of Milan

I really enjoyed attending the meeting on KAM theory and Geometric Integration. Thank you for making this possible. I take this to congratulate you. The staff has an impressive efficiency and everything is prepared to make the stay pleasant and fruitful. My best wishes for the future of this magnificent centre.

Carles Simo Matemàtica Aplicada i Anàlisi, Universitat de Barcelona