Participant Testimonials

Aug 05 - Aug 10, 2012

This is a wonderful workshop, I have the chance to talk to the experts about the research I am doing, and hear very useful suggestions and comments from them.

Shibing Chen University of Toronto

During the workshop, I had some stimulating discussions with participants regarding various problems in nonlinear PDE I am interested in. Many of the talks and remarks point to some possible new research projects in the future.

Pengfei Guan Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

This meeting at BIRS was quite interesting for me. I knew many of the participants, but a lot of the material was new to me and it will certainly be of inspiration for my future research as well as for the topics I will propose to my students and post-docs.

Andrea Malchiodi Sector of Functional Analysis, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)

I'd like to express my gratitude for the invitation to BIRS. I really enjoyed and appreciated this workshop, which I found perfectly organized, both practically and logistically, as well as the location at Banff Center (actually it was my first time in Banff). Most of the talks were pretty inherent to my mathematical interests. Even though no new collaboration has originated during this week, some clues to probable future research projects have arisen from stimulating discussions with other participants. Moreover I've had the chance to talk to best experts in the topics concerning some problem in geometric analysis I'm facing now.

Giona Veronelli mathématiques - Laboratoire AGM, INdAM Cofund, at Université de Cergy-Pontoise

The workshop on conformal and CR geometry last week was very successful from several perspectives. First of all, there was a lot of interaction among the various groups exchanging information on the new directions, and formation of new collaborations. I personally learned a lot about the new operators from Eastwood's survey lectures and from Kengo Hirachi about his approach to understanding the new operator that Jeffrey Case and I are developing. The survey lecture of Guillarmou covers a lot of new ground, and challenges PDE people to develop criteria of existence and uniqueness for the Poincare-Einstein structures. I had also learned about the work of Alexakis/Mazzeo that may be relevant for my own work with Alice Chang. Each time I come to Banff, I have gained new perspective on future research direction and found the environment absolutely stimulating. I would like to thank the BIRS for creating such possibilities for us.

Paul Yang Mathematics, Princeton University