Mathematical Modeling of Indigenous Populations Health (13w2111)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Friday, September 27 and departing Sunday September 29, 2013


(University of Alberta)

(York University)

(Public Health Ontario, University of Toronto)

Jianhong Wu (York Institute for Health Research, York University)


The public health workshop, Mathematical Modeling of Indigenous Populations Health, will provide an opportunity for bidirectional knowledge translation of mathematical modelling research outcomes into health policy and practice, and translation of policy issues into mathematical formulation. The event will bring together Canadian public health professionals and planners, key decision makers involved in Indigenous health, and leading infectious disease modellers to address the following specific objectives:

a. Present the outcomes of post-pandemic 2009 research findings, and demonstrate their relevance to public health planning for protecting the health of Indigenous populations and inequality of many diseases including influenza, TB, HPV and STD;

b. Identify existing gaps in disease modelling knowledge that has to-date not been addressed in the ongoing research activities and should be prioritized for further research and evaluation;

c. Develop collaboration with Aboriginal health organizations within territorial, provincial, and federal jurisdictions, and foster national collaborative efforts led by mathematical modellers.

The program will be coordinated to accommodate participation of professionals from a wide range of expertise in to appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of mathematical modeling in disease dynamics and public health. Presentations and technical talks will include identification of key issues, followed by group discussions; break-up sessions to narrow down important topics for future collaborations; and then panel discussions to form a national network with interdisciplinary teams for identified subprojects.