Participant Testimonials

Sep 08 - Sep 13, 2013

This was a very fruitful meeting for me, and I think others, in discussing current research on a selective model in the Lambda coalescent. There was a particular section in a proof that needed working through that we managed to work out in the meeting and present to the audience. I did get a lot out of the meeting that firmed up research ideas. It was a great meeting in a great environment. I also went walking on an afternoon off through Cory pass with others.

Robert C. Griffiths Department of Statistics, University of Oxford

The workshop was a very nice experience for me to keep up with the new development in my research fields.

Xiaowen Zhou Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University

The workshop gives me a chance to realize the application of the Poisson-Dirichlet distribution and Dirichlet process in Bayesian statistics, which is quite amazing.

Youzhou Zhou mathematics & statistics, McMaster University