Applications of Iwasawa Algebras (13w5032)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, March 3 and departing Friday March 8, 2013


(University of British Columbia)

(Mathematisches Institut Muenster)

(Heidelberg University)


The overall aim of the workshop is to bring together experts working on these a priori quite different aspects of Iwasawa algebras. We hope that by understanding and relating these diverse points of view and by making them interact new ideas will emerge, thereby leading to an advancement of the subject at a deeper level. As is clear from the outline above, Iwasawa algebras are used in different areas of mathematics. Given that some of these subjects are still young, and the literature is extensive and scattered, it is understandably difficult for younger researchers or graduate students to fully absorb the interactions and connections. It is however obvious that if the subject is to flourish and develop, we need many youngsters to work on these areas and tap into the connections and contribute towards the solutions of the myriad open problems. We thus plan to have, in particular, younger participants, and we would request some of the speakers to spend time outlining what role Iwasawa algebras play in their research work. We might even plan a series of two lectures by some of the participants to provide a broader exposure, given that the participants would be from different backgrounds. We would also like the younger participants to take the initiative and plan discussion sessions during the week with some of the senior speakers.