Participant Testimonials

Mar 03 - Mar 08, 2013

The application of Iwasawa workshop was very useful and stimulating for me. It had so many interesting talks which gave insights into various different areas of Iwasawa theory, which is my area of research and also gave a clear idea of the directions where the research is moving and also what are the new topics that are coming up in this area of arithmetic geometry. It will have a positive impact on my future research work. (I am a postdoc myself, so in my case the question of impact of the workshop on hiring is not applicable.) Thanking you once again for giving me this excellent opportunity to attend the workshop.

Somnath Jha Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University

My participation in the BIRS workshop had a great impact my current research, through which I talked to the experts in the field and had very insightful conversations. Some of the talks were directly related to my research problem, but I found the discussions that I had over coffee breaks and dinner were more helpful for my research problem. The talks given in the workshop were more helpful to me in the direction of expanding my understanding how Iwasawa algebras are used in other fields, and I think the latter point is as important as the former one regarding my own research problem.

Dohyeong Kim mathematics, POSTECH

I found the workshop extremely interesting and productive. During the week I was there I completed one research paper (joint with two other participants), made substantial progress in another existing project, and began two more completely afresh, neither of which would have happened if I had not attended the workshop. Altogether this week was one of the best mathematical conferences I have attended in my career so far.

David Loeffler Dr
Mathematics Institute, Warwick University

There have been quite a lot of very interesting talks. In fact, I recommended some of the videos to colleagues (not only the video of my talk). Aside from the talks, I had the opportunity to discuss a problem (which arose in my current research) with some specialists in the field. It seems that this was very helpful and will eventually lead to a solution of this issue.

Andreas Nickel Bielefeld University

The workshop was stimulating and encouraging. I received useful feedback on a project I'm considering, and questions about applications of my work to other areas of interest. Some colleagues even raised prospects of visiting positions in the future.

Jonathan Pottharst NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University

We had a very good conference last week in Banff and many of the youngsters from different parts of the world, who were first time visitors to Banff, deeply appreciated both the mathematics and the place!

Sujatha Ramdorai Mathematics, University of British Columbia

BIRS and the Banff Center together with its calm and charming environment among the beautiful mountains provided an ideal atmosphere to present, communicate and over all discuss mathematics in all its depth. In particular young mathematicians had the opportunity to profit from this intense workshop which also offered the opportunity to report on their PhD thesis.

Otmar Venjakob Mathematisches Institut, Heidelberg University

BIRS is a wonderful place to work and to collaborate. Yes, the workshop will have an impact on my research, yes I learned many new results at the workshop, yes I made new contacts that I wouldn't have had otherwise, yes it influence an hiring decision I am involved in. Thank you for providing such a wonderful place.

Marie-France Vigneras emeritus professor
mathematiques, Universit'e Paris 7. Institut de mathematiques de Jussieu.