Participant Testimonials

Feb 10 - Feb 15, 2013

I very much enjoyed visiting BIRS, and I found the workshop very productive, as a significant fraction of it focused on topics I am currently exploring. The group of participants was well chosen, with closely overlapping research interests and representing the leading research in the field. I am looking forward to coming back to BIRS at some point in the future.

Sera Cremonini Physics Department, Texas A&M University, Cambridge/Texas A&M

BIRS was a superb venue for the workshop. A beautiful and inspirational setting to discuss the cutting edge in our field.

Jerome Gauntlett Professor
Physics, Imperial College London

This was a wonderful workshop. This workshop stimulated at least two new projects and possibly one new collaboration. Time will tell if those projects bear fruit.

Kristan Jensen Postdoctoral Fellow
Physics, University of Victoria

I did enjoy the meeting and the facilities. I would like to thank you for this. I am glad you have such a nice center at the service of science.

Elias Kiritsis CCTP and APC, APC, Paris and University of Crete

It was one of the best workshops I ever had. We had meals & accommodations together so that we were able to discuss all day long. So, this was more like a summer school, but much fancier with great facilities and excellent staffs.

My visit at Banff has been a great opportunity to enjoy both the excellent scientific program and the outstanding organization. This was the second time I was invited (the first was in the framework of a meeting on Ricci flows) but the first time to come. It was a fantastic experience, where I realized the role played by art at the Banff Center. I was really delighted. I hope to have again the opportunity to visit the Center.

Marios Petropoulos Centre de Physique Théorique, Ecole Polytechnique

I appreciate the activity at the BIRS very much. It helped me a lot by hearing the response to my talk, which clarified a few points which I did not thought about before I come to the BIRS.

Sang-Jin Sin professor
physics, Hanyang University