Interplay of convex geometry and Banach space theory (13w5060)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, March 10 and departing Friday March 15, 2013


(Texas A&M University)

Carsten Schuett (Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet)

(Case Western Reserve University)

(Memorial University of Newfoundland)


A huge amount of research has gone into some of the above mentioned problems without coming closer to an answer.
Therefore, it is time to reconsider the methods: It is time for a fresh start.

In the past, researchers have worked on various problems making use of invariants of both fields and many new techniques
have been developed in each of the areas. This workshop will have a comprehensive look at some of the major problems of
the mentioned areas and focus on a few important ones.

We plan to provide a forum for discussions with the objective of new collaborations and future research across the areas.
In particular, as we want to invite a number of graduate students and postdocs, the workshop wants to give an opportunity
for the young researchers to interact with people from related fields and form new connections.