Participant Testimonials

Oct 20 - Oct 25, 2013

A super conference. A great meeting of substantive scientists and applied math specialists. Surely there will be both novel managerial methods and contributions to statistical science resulting. Keep doing what you are doing so well.

David Brillinger Proferssor of Statistics
Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley

Thank you for the opportunity to respond regarding the BIRS workshop. I was a bit intimidated going to the workshop after reading the positions and backgrounds of most of the attendees. However, after attending the workshop I have to say that I have a new appreciation of the power and role advanced statistical analysis can have on every day programs and situations and the people who understand those methods. The presenters and attendees were all very down to earth people with great insights into methods of solving day to day problems that I found really fascinating. I have come away with some great contacts and appreciation of what Statistics can do in the everyday world. If ever I have the opportunity to attend another BIRS workshop, I would do so readily. My attitude towards, and understanding of statistics and mathematics as it relates to my everyday job and its challenges has changed. Thank you again for a enjoyable and educational workshop.

Dave Finn Wildfire Management Specialist
Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Alberta Government

The use of quantitative methods for the management of fire on populated landscapes is my primary research interest, so I found this workshop to be highly relevant. The workshop was very well organized and featured a well thought out list of invitees. The participants were a nice mix of senior academics, early career researchers, post graduate students and fire agency personnel. The program contained a good mix of both prepared talks and discussion sessions. Participants approached the workshop in the true spirit of scientific inquiry, with exchanges of ideas and robust discussions and debates held throughout the week. As a direct result of the workshop I gained some new insights into problems I'm working on, made some new contacts and I expect I'll be involved in at least one new collaboration/paper.

James Minas Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

The BIRS workshop on Managing Fire on Populated Landscapes was extremely useful for me. It led to some new insights that will help with my research. I will also be exploring two potential new studies arising from contacts made at the workshop.

Steve Taylor Pacific Forestry Centre, Canadian Forest Service