Managing fire on populated forest landscapes

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Government of Alberta
- 15:39
Data Slips, Trips and Falls
Watch video | Download video: 201310211451-McLoughlin.mp4 (134M)
, University of Waterloo
- 16:35
A Game-Theoretic Model for Resource Sharing for Wildfires
Watch video | Download video: 201310211545-Larson.mp4 (128M)
, Parks Canada
- 17:22
Jane Park and Jonathan Large -- Protecting People, Assets and Adjacent Lands: Landscape level fire and vegetation management in Banff National Park.
Watch video | Download video: 201310211636-Park.mp4 (149M)
, University of California, Berkeley
- 14:00
Spatial temperature data for a fire moving along a trough in a wind tunnel
Watch video | Download video: 201310221333-Brillinger.mp4 (81M)
, University of California, Los Angeles
- 15:06
Model evaluation for forecasts of wildfire activity and spread
Watch video | Download video: 201310221444-Schoenberg.mp4 (68M)