Participant Testimonials

Jun 01 - Jun 06, 2014

Almost all, perhaps even all, of those who attended the conference on the future of the trace formula agreed that it was one of the most fruitful conferences they had ever attended. Thank you to BIRS.

William Casselman Professor Emeritus
University of British Columbia

The workshop on the future of trace formula was taking in place timely. The main theme was to find possible approaches from various aspects to understand the Langlands functoriality in general, and understand the Langlands' idea to obtain the Langlands functoriality beyond the endoscopy functorial transfers. I personally learned a lot from the lectures in the workshop, and hope the organizers and other people in the research field will think of such opportunities in near future.

Dihua Jiang School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

I expect a new collaboration leading to a book to be written, that originated during the workshop.

Jean-Pierre Labesse Aix-Marseille Universite