Participant Testimonials

Apr 20 - Apr 25, 2014

My visit to BIRS was simply wonderful: I had the opportunity to meet accomplished female mathematicians, who are inspiring and passionate; I learned about many possibilities I was not aware of for job opportunities; I heard about numerous conferences/workshops I was not aware of, that I might want to attend; the work environment was ideal. I cannot imagine a better setting to discover mathematics; In the short time of one week, our group made a lot of progress, and set ideas we could explore in the near future in order to submit in the proceedings a certain resolution of our problematic and I was able to explore a field different from my research focus, which was both refreshing and exciting. Thank you for hosting this amazing workshop!

Yara Elias Mathematics and Statistics Department, McGill University

The WIN workshops are among the most useful mathematics conferences in which I have ever participated, both in terms of fostering research collaborations and mentorship. This third edition has certainly lived up to such standards.

Matilde Lalin Associate Professor
Departement de mathematiques et de statistique, Université de Montréal

I was very impressed with the Banff campus—it is like a self-sustaining world. I think that residential workshops like the one I just attended at BIRS are the gold standard for mathematical gatherings: because everyone lives and dines together, mathematicians of all ranks naturally mingle professionally and socially in a way that would never be possible at a typical conference venue at a university or city auditorium. I also was very impressed by the WIN format of gathering for research collaborations on pre-designed problems with carefully chosen groups. We had a very successful week and are now working on a long-term collaborative project that I think will be quite successful. I will be thinking carefully about how to apply the WIN model again; certainly a large part of the success of the week was due to the pleasant environment at BIRS.

Lillian Pierce Mathematics, Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn

I had a wonderful time at last week's workshop, and I would like to thank you and BIRS for supporting the program. I am excited about the project that this workshop introduced me to, and my team and I will continue to work on it -- hopefully with considerable success. In fact, I'm currently very optimistic about this work and I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the program.

Kirsten Wickelgren Math department, Georgia Institute of Technology