Participant Testimonials

Nov 02 - Nov 07, 2014

My stay at BIRS helped me a lot with my own research program and I wish to thank the BIRS staff for providing such a great environment for the exchange of ideas and results. I have benefited a lot from the conference. The conference brought together a number of leading experts in geometric scattering theory, who presented their most recent results in the field. Such possibilities to get to know the recent developments in a field are of great importance for advancement of science. Of particular importance for me were the talks by P. Albin and D. Sher, who reported on their brand new results on analytic torsion for manifolds with fibred cusps, obtained in joint work with F. Rochon, who also attended the conference. This work is closely related to my own research interests and I had very fruitful discussions of related problems with the authors. Of great value for me was also the talk by Eugenie Hunsicker and the discussions with her, concerning spectral theory on manifolds with fibred boundary. Furthermore, I discussed problems of my current research project, concerning analytic torsion on locally symmetric spaces, with A. Vasy. One problem I was struggling with for some time is related to the stationary phase approximation of weighted orbital integrals occurring on geometric side of the Selberg trace formula. The discussion with A. Vasy was very successful and helped me to solve the problem. Finally, A. Strohmaier and I were inspired by some of the talks, especially the talk by E. Hunsicker, to start with a new joint project dealing with resonances for asymptotically Euclidean manifolds.

Werner Müller Institute of Mathematics, Universität Bonn